Monday, December 18, 2006

Fuck if I could!!!!!


1.If I could be an animal I’d be tiger because I could scare everyone I didn’t like.
2. If I could be a bird I would be an eagle, because I could fly alone everywhere I wanted, and die in the sky.
3.If I could be a flower I would be a marguerite so that everyone could guess who wants them good and who doesn‘t.
4. If I could be an insect I would be a mosquito because I could sting everybody that has hurt me.
5.If I could be a piece of furniture I would be a lamp so I could lighten up and give light to everyone.
6.If I could be a food I would be a a chilli pepper because nobody would dare eating me.
7. If I could be colour I wouldn’t be my own so I could be less lonely.
8. If I could be another person I’d be Hulk because I could protect myself from bad people.
9. If I could choose gender I would be a male cause I could get the most of everything in life.
10. If I could be a person I would be Muahamad Ali because I could sock everybody in the mouth and dance while I‘m doing it.


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