Friday, January 19, 2007

Keep in touch

Slowly it is the touch of you Marcel, A., Anne, B.,Sylvain, E., Inka, Lisa, .... and others that is enhanced in parts of my body.
Now after so many years of distance how can these hands and their specific touch been retained and contained in my own body to the point of of being able to renact them and feel them again.
Hands that open hidden spaces, closed doors, warm hands with calming effects, magical caring hands, repetitive gestures and touches repeated over and over the same shows. Lying there alone, my body feels privileged.
Dancing, if it gives you something it is this: the privilege of touch and of keeping it.
Suddenly a flash: How come none of these hands are of you? yes those who
supposedly had once affection for this person contained within this body.
I switch off the button. I open my task for today:
Yeah maybe I need some help.

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