Thursday, April 30, 2009

Try looking at the sky

I am upon hearing somebody explaining that she makes radical work, she explains that this kind of work needs contextualization meaning that it needs that the audience is previously prepared for the work, informed accommodated in a specific place, an audience that has been administrated a tranquilizer in the form of a label, standardized, an object that needs to be accommodated in a specific kind of space.
I ask myself is this being radical today, like a tobacco package filled with warnings and instructions for consuming or more simply like a shampoo lying abandoned in a very specific corridor and department R for radical.

Like any other goods in the hypermarket shelf, objects of art have become items with instructions for fast easy consumption.
I look at the ceiling covered by dozens of similar windows, protected by aligned cleaned curtains, there is one that is a bit broken, out of place, it does not follow the instructions. With the wind blowing a small space opens and I can look at a bit of the grey sky.

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