Tuesday, February 16, 2016

1001 Things

17th February 2016 
Laban Studio theatre
Forum for artistic practice 

1001 Things by Vania Gala
with Teresa Feio, Rochelle Taylor, Alice Labant and Richard Thomas
Thank you to: Prof. John Mullarkey, Dr. Joanna Hall and Jason Piper

On this first sharing of the research "How to Disappear: Expanding the Possibilities of Choreography in a Post-Fordist era" several scores for things and humans will be shown. Relying on Heidegger's concept "ready-at-hand" and on the potential of absence and disappearance in choreography several scores will be proposed in duo and solo form.
Most of the research is being developed between 0:00- 7:00 am (under a time when humans withdraw into sleep) in the silent student area of Kingston Library. 

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