Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Beyond Application? Immanent Encounters Between Philosophy and Arts

Beyond Application: Immanent Encounters Between Philosophy & the Arts
Friday 27th January 2017
Hosted by the Centre for Performance Philosophy 
University of Surrey, Guildford UK


9-9.30am     REGISTRATION - IVY FOYER                                                   

9.30-11am   Opening Remarks and Keynote - PATS Studio Theatre

Opening Remarks: Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca (Surrey)

Keynote: Bojana Cvejić (University Singidunum, Belgrade) 
Making, Thinking, and Feigning 


11-11.30am COFFEE – PATS FOYER


Panel A – PATS Studio Theatre  
Shantel Ehrenberg (Surrey), Barren Images, Fertile Territory 3 [performance lecture]
Vicky Hunter (Chichester) Site-dance and New Materialisms: Philosophical enactments and doings [paper]
Vânia Gala (Kingston), Upside Down: choreography beyond the subject-object divide [performative round-table]

Panel B – Ivy Studio 3 
Edward Thornton (Royal Holloway) Collective Analysis: A new model for the practice of philosophy [paper]
Kevin Logan (University of the Arts London) Crowdsourcing an Original Contribution to Knowledge, Or: How to Do Things with (Un)Sound Non-Philosophy [performative presentation]
Julia Moore (Canterbury) – Philosophy in the dark [participatory workshop]

Panel C – Lecture Theatre E (Lecture Theatre block)
Al Cameron (Kingston) - Terminal Documents: Research and Delirium [paper]
William Brown (Roehampton) - Guerrilla Filmmaking and the Creation of Non-Cinema [paper]
Bill Leslie (Kingston) – Because We Have Hands: Art research as a mode of embodied practical philosophy [text and screening]


2-3.30pm        PARALLEL SESSIONS

Panel A – PATS Studio Theatre 
Yaron Shyldkrot (Surrey) - Campfire: a shared experience in the dark [performance]
Josiah Pearsall (independent researcher) - Object Dance [participatory workshop]

Panel B – Lecture Theatre E
Richard Ashby (Royal Holloway) ‘Thought you were dead’: Dover Cliff, Death and Ephemeral Life in Blasted and King Lear [paper]
Clive Cazeaux (Cardiff School of Art & Design) - Art and philosophy: illustration, immanence, implication [paper]
Simon Jones (Bristol) - MY (OTHER) OTHER COLLABORATOR: Philosophy Alongside Practice as Research in Performance [paper]

Panel C - PATS Studio 1  
Steve Tromans (Surrey) What is the Rhythm of a Musical-Philosophical Thought? [music performance with spoken word]
Elisabeth Belgrano (independent researcher) Vocally Ornamenting ↔ Per/Forming Content ↔ Practice-Led Vocal Philosophy [performance paper]
Tero Nauha (Theatre Academy Helsinki) On the fiction of performing alongside the radical immanence [text and performative act]

3.30-4pm           AFTERNOON TEA - PATS FOYER

4-5pm             Closing roundtable: 
The Arts as Philosophy - PATS Studio Theatre

Chair: Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca (Surrey) 
John Ó Maoilearca (Kingston) 
Andrew Bowie (Royal Holloway) 
Anna Pakes (Roehampton)
With Bojana Cvejić
And closing jazz performance with Steve Tromans and Andrew Bowie.

Free to presenters, Surrey staff, TECHNE studentship-holders and TECHNE associates.
£7 full / £5 conc. for non-TECHNE attendees, to contribute towards costs
Dr. Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca
Reader in Theatre & Performance
Director, Centre for Performance Philosophy
Department of Acting and Performance, GSA
University of Surrey
Guildford, UK

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