Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Dialogues on Dance, Philosophy, and Performance in the Contemporary Neoliberal Moment Conference Coventry University

The schedule includes paper presentations, performances, dialogues, film screenings, and round table discussions, and keynote presentations by:

Bojana Bauer (FR)...
Aili Bresnahan (US)
Ramsay Burt (UK)
Renee Conroy (US)
Marina Grzinic (Austria/Slovenia)
Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca (UK)
Aaron Meskin (UK)
Anna Pakes (UK)
Melissa Borelli (IT)
Vânia Gala (ANG/PT)
Susanne Foellmer
Daniela Domm (IT)
Cristina Fernandes Rosa (BR)

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