Wednesday, May 24, 2006


"I chose a dancer – an artist, an improviser in an ephemeral form – as a protagonist because that practice – dance – is probably the least susceptible to commodification. Not that commodification is bad; I’m only suggesting that that kind of performance is for the most part ignored by the marketplace and that that is what NYC had become: not a forum for art and ideas but a marketplace. The protagonist spends her day looking for a job and talking with other artists about their practice; they drink and talk about sex and/or about how difficult being an artist is, and then drink some more. I was being a bit reductive – and I haven’t seen the movie in a while – but that is what being an artist in NYC had become for many people. The durational shots of street corners and houses and places were an attempt to say “meanwhile ...”, that life goes on here and there – in the memory as well as down the street."

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